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Super Bean

Beans are healthy and good for the environment

The Bean Ladies products are tasty, delectable, scrumptious.... but you've clicked here to find out why the humble bean is so great for yougreat for farms and great for the environment.


Beans supply vegetable protein and soluble fiber a plenty, with little to no fat offering an array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and are cholesterol-free. In fact, beans actually lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels instead of potentially causing them to increase, as some animal proteins have been shown to do.  Read more here.

To sum it all up beans are:

  • Good for your heart
  • Good for preventing and controlling diabetes
  • Good  for promoting healthy gut bacteria
  • Good for a healthy, balanced diet


Dry-edible beans are nitrogen-fixating crops, meaning they put nitrogen back into the soil. Beans actually grab nitrogen from the air! Many farmers use beans as an important part of their crop rotation because nitrogen is an essential nutrient for growing healthy, productive plants.Nitrogen fixation is unique attribute of beans and other legumes.


Because legumes fix nitrogen, growers don’t need to use as much synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, which requires vast amounts of fossil fuels and other commercial energy sources to produce, according to Tim Crews, director of research and a research ecologist at The Land Institute. What’s more, legumes in general are more drought and pest resistant and demand less irrigation. And when used as cover crops, legumes protect soil against erosion.

Ecologically, peas, beans and other legumes can help reduce the amount of nitrate (fertilizer nitrogen’s soluble form) that leaches off crop fields and contaminates groundwater, rivers and lakes.