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Fundraising Program

Is your organization, club, school or workplace tired of selling chocolate almonds, cookie dough or candles? Then choose our lucrative Fundraising Program that gives you a higher profit margin - the HEALTHY WAY!

In 1998, Julie’s daughter was given 48 boxes of chocolate almonds to sell for her synchronized skating team fundraiser. Three days later, after candy-spoiled suppers and expanding waistlines, we vowed to create a more nutritious and innovative product for fundraising purposes. We packaged our family recipe of Homestyle Hearty Bean Soup to sell ... and the rest is history!

We are proud to share our family recipes made with Ontario grown fresh crop beans. All of our products are hand packed with the highest of standards. The Bean Ladies offers healthy gift ideas for:

  • housewarmings
  • birthdays
  • corporate gifts
  • bridal showers
  • Christmas gifts

How our Fundraising Program works ...

We will mail your group full colour order forms. After the individual seller sheets are collected, your co-ordinator can tally the sheets onto a master seller sheet, then email or fax totals to our office.

Delivery Time

Please allow 2 weeks lead time for delivery. We will box your group’s order and supply you with customer bags and flyers. Upon receipt of your order, the following payment methods are accepted: Check, Cash, Visa or MasterCard.

Minimum Order

Please note there is a 100 item minimum order no exceptions.  Having said that, it's easy for a team or club to sell 100 packages and often many more.   Simple, if each person on a ten person team / club sells ten packages (easy!) then you've made your minimum.   Our kids have been on sports teams for years and selling ten of anything is no problem. 

Delivery Charges

WGTA and Hamilton - complimentary
Other areas, depending on your location shipping will usually cost between $0.20 and $0.40 per package with a minimum order of 100 packages.  

Success Rate

All of the groups and organizations that have fundraised with The Bean Ladies have done so with great success! Year after year, many continue to choose us as their means to accomplish their fundraising goals. We look forward to working with your group.

If you have any questions, or require further information, please contact us at

Yours in Health,

The Bean Ladies